Active Power Supply Unit


24 Ports Power Supply, 48V or 24V, with Active Protections











High Power
The Active Power Supply Unit can handle up to 800 Watt in 48 and 24 Volt output power con guration.

Redundancy and Load Balancing
Each couple of output power group is powered by a couple of 200 Watt AC/DC converter. The output power group can share up to 200 Watt in Redundancy mode or 400 Watt in Load Balancing mode.

Load indicator
The power group load indicator led shows the load level (green: 50%, yellow: 75%, red: 100%).

Reset button
Press the reset button to force a power cycle, power and unpower an output power group.


Active Power Supply Unit

Active Protection
The microprocessor controlls each life parameters of the Power Supply Unit and protects against overvoltage, overload and short circuit. In allarm mode the output power group is disabled for 10 seconds and enabled again automatically.

Remote Control
Connect the Power Supply Unit to the Controller Unit in order remote state parameters, switch on and off the output power groups and monitor load and alarm state via web or SNMP.

Active Power Supply Unit

  • Specifiche tecniche
  • Tensione di funzionamento

    10 – 60 Volts AC/DC

  •  Max corrente

    1 A (2A in High Power Version)

  •  Connettore di alimentazione

    3 mm2 wires terminal blocks

  •  Connettori Ethernet

    Shelded RJ45 Jacks

  • Connettore GND

    4 mm lug

  •  Linee elettriche (Modo B)

    + VDC: Pins 4 & 5 (7 & 8 with inverse polarity) – VDC: Pins 7 & 8 (4 & 5 with inverse polarity)

  •  Linee elettriche (Modo A)

    + VDC: Pins 1 & 2 (3 & 6 with inverse polarity) – VDC: Pins 3 & 6 (1 & 2 with inverse polarity)

  •  Velocità di trasmissione LED

    10BaseT; 100BaseT; 1000BaseT

  •  LEDS

    tatus led (blinks if no charge connected), Allarm led (on if injection is disabled), BUS led

  •  Active Protection

    Overvoltage controll, Overload controll, Short Circuit Protection (1ms reaction time)