Many devices powered over Ethernet have different energetic load requirements.

Different feeders are needed, one for each single device.
Having many feeders results in many cables of different size and a messy cabinet.
The feeding of a device can not be managed remotely: in the event of a breakdown or a blackout an intervention on site is required.
Inefficiencies in terms of energetic loads (devices do not work at their best)


Gygasync: the 9dot solution for every power-over-ethernet need.

A single power supply system able to interface with any device.
Easy to install and to extend, and cabinets always tidy!
Remotely manageable: in the event of a breakdown, overload or reboot, you can intervene from the dedicated web-app.

Every device gets the required energy to work at its best.
You can check the real-time consumption of every single device from the web-app.