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NCore Lite is the simpler version 1U of the NCore product: it comes with 2 ACDC or DCDC inputs, an integrated battery charger and integrated OUTPUT PORTS.

It’s an all-in-one system, perfect if you have limited space.

It comes with 8 ports, divided into 3 Groups. During purchasing process, you can add Expansion Modules to Group 1 and Group 2.


Active Power and Control
The processors on board the NCore Lite constantly monitor the operating status and all the parameters of voltage, absorption, temperature and battery charge status. The software operates proactively by analyzing the applied loads and intervening to ensure maximum operating life for the priority devices.

Dual Processor
NCore Lite is equipped with 2 processors. One is dedicated to the monitoring and operation of the hardware part, the other is used for front-end management. This division makes the system immune from attacks from outside.

All in 1 Rack Unit
All the functionality is contained in a single rack unit.

Hi Speed Switch
All actuators and protection diodes have been replaced with low resistance mosfets ensuring instant switching times, efficiency and minimum heat dissipation.

Integrated Battery Charger
The charger is compatible with 48V lead or lithium strings. The charging current can be selected via software. In the event of a power failure or insufficient input, the system intervenes to ensure the operation of the connected devices by reducing the charging speed.

Integrated DC Output
Each of the 8 doors is protected against short circuit with timed automatic reset, it is possible to enable and disable each door independently and perform power cycles. Each port is equipped with a current sensor.
The first 4 doors can be configured when purchasing with 3 different types of converter: without conversion, it draws directly from the voltage present on the main Rail (from the battery if discharging), fixed at 12V/24V or at variable voltage at 29/48/54V software selectable.

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ACDC Input
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Output Ports


Max load

1600 W


10 A





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