Active Surge Protector Injector

Gigabit Surge Protector Injector with Active Protections


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Active Surge Protector Injector is a Power over Ethernet injector with integrated surge protection device.

The built-in microprocessor constantly checks the functional parameters and protects actively the connected device against power surges, short-circuits and over voltages.

It can be used as a stand-alone injector or combined with a CMD module, connected through a bus-c cable.

By the means of the lateral selectors you can set the PoE Mode and polarity.

Mode Selector

MODE B (4,5 / 7,8)
MODE A (1,2 / 3,6)

Polarity Selector

NORMAL POLARITY:      + 4,5 e/o 1,2 | – 7,8 e/o 3,6
INVERSE POLARITY:      – 4,5 e/o 1,2 | + 7,8 e/o 3,6


Operating Voltage 10 – 60 Volts AC/DC
Max Current 1 A (2A in High Power Version)
Power Connector 1.5 mm2 wires terminal blocks
Ethernet Connectors Shelded RJ45 Jacks
GND Connector 4 mm lug
Power Lines (Mode B) + VDC: Pins 4 & 5 (7 & 8 with inverse polarity) – VDC: Pins 7 & 8 (4 & 5 with inverse polarity)
Power Lines (Mode A) + VDC: Pins 1 & 2 (3 & 6 w ith inverse polarity) – VDC: Pins 3 & 6 (1 & 2 with inverse polarity)
Transmission Speeds 10BaseT; 100BaseT; 1000BaseT
Leds Status led (blinks if no charge connected), Alarm led (on if injection is disabled), BUS led
Active Protection Overvoltage control, Overload control, Short Circuit Protection (1ms reaction time)
ASPI surge protector
2 stages tvs-gdt
15 kA peak surge current
A-B PoE modes
CMD remote management
LAN galvanic isolated
1ms short circuit protection


CMD Module

CMD – The powerful controller that monitors and manages in real time the whole system.