Gigasync / GS-B V2

Gigasync base unit

New version: new cpu, new design, new features and new interface!

What’s new in GS V2


  • Update: fast software and firmware update
  • Database: internal storage of every parameter
  • Interface web interface, shell ssh, SNMP improved
  • Black box warning e critical event logging
  • WiFi Internet connection through integrated WiFi

New design

  • Continuity: no service interruption during software and firmware update
  • Hot swap: cartridges can be inserted and removed during normal operation with auto detecting
  • Optimization: zero input to output voltage drop and self consumption reduction
  • Precision: input voltage detection and accurate measurement

New features

  • Redundancy 2 input terminal blocks for each cartridge
  • Diagnosis: input voltage presence led indicator for each input terminal block
  • uGPS: Cambium uGPS power out on Sync In port
  • Console: USB console port

New interface

  • Graphs the web interface now shows voltage, temperature and load instant value and graphs
  • Command line: new command line interface added, an easy way to read status and send commands to the GigaSync
  • SNMP protocol support is completely redesigned with security and functionality enhancements
  • API management system integration even more flexible and made easy


Management interfaces web interface, SNMP, ssh, API
Data ports 10/100 BaseT RJ45 - WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n - USB-B console
Interfaces 10/100 BaseT RJ45, IEEE 802.3af PoE
RJ12 Sync In (uGPS compatible)
RJ12 Sync Out
Main Power Input, 2 x 4mm wire terminal
3 x Cartridge Input, 2 x 4mm wire terminal
GPS antenna N-Type female
GND 4mm lug
OPT button
Input voltage +/- 10-60 VDC, polarity inversion protection
Consumption < 15 Watt (with 3 cartridges on)




Power over Ethernet Cartridge
(CambiumSync, Canopy Sync compliant)