Gigasync / GS-B

Gigasync base unit

A modular unit that can manage up to 12 ports with an embedded version of Aspi controller module.

Everything you can imagine packaged in a single unit!
The Gigasync is best of breed. A modular unit that can manage up to 12 ports (that can be PoE or power terminals to directly supply your equipment( with embedded an empowered version of our Controller Module and all the technology of the ASPI.
Always Alive
The dual processor design guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the unit in all the situations, including the restart after the firmware upgrade.
Simple installation
The installation is immediate: the Controller Module has a local wifi hotspot for the first configuration that can be performed simply using a smartphone.

Cambium Network synchronization
Gigasync can introduce in ports the synchronization impulse used by Cambium Networks equipment to synchronize the transmission
Multiple timing source and redundancy
Gigasync has an embedded GPS receiver and can act as master or slave with other Gigasync units or CMM5 of Cambium Networks.
Gigabit PoE and Terminals
All PoE ports are natively Gigabit with the option to have terminals to connect routers/switches and all the equipment that needs a controlled power source and transport the data through the fiber.
The Gigasync Base Unit can host up to 3 cartridges. Each cartridge has 4 ports that can be PoE injectors or Power Terminals. The Cartridges can be chosen at the base of the needs and are hot-swappable.

More power
Up to 2.5 A (120W@48V) per PoE port and 3A (145W@48V) ler terminal port
Manages every kind of PoE
Every single port can be configured to handle a different type of injection map, with or without synchroniztion pulse, The configuration is simple and does not require any information technology skill: just plug the specific electronic Gigakey and the port is configured.
Easy integration
The Controller Module can be integrated in every management system using SNMP.


First configuration Web Interface through Ethernet or Wifi
Management Web Interface and Snmp
Max units managed 3 cartridges, 11 ASPis and 1 APSU

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