Gigasync/ G Ter

Gigasync G Ter

Gigabit Surge Protector Injector with Active Protections

Gigabit PoE multi-mode PoE method can be selected through simple switches. It can power both Mode A and Mode B PoE devices and both strict or reverse polarity devices. Remote Control Connect the Injector to the Controller Unit in order to switch it on and off remotely and monitor load and alarm state via web or SNMP. Active Protection The microprocessor controlls each life parameters of the injector and protects against overvoltage, overload and short circuit. In alarm mode the injection is disabled for 10 seconds and enabled again automatically.

Surge Protection Devices connected are protected against electrostatic surge and electric shocks.The combination of different types of dischargers maximizes ef ciency and reduces action time. Galvanic isolation Galvanic isolation protects circuits and people against surge between input side and output side. This results in the best protection for your devices and for you.


Output Ports 4 x 4 mm2 wires terminal blocks
Status indicator 4x multicolor LEDs
Electrical Specification
Max Input / Output Voltage 60 V AC/DC
Max Output Currency (per port) 2.5A
Peak surge Current 15kA
Modes of Protection All lines (1-8) Protected (L-L)
SPD Technology 2 stages: TVS, GTD

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A single unit to supply and manage any kind of Poe device.