Active power supply unit

24 Ports Power Supply, 48V and 24V, with Active Protections


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Active Power Supply Unit converts and stabilizes the input voltage by providing the 24V and 48V necessary to power the connected devices. It is fitted with 4 interchangeable Slots for the input voltage and with 4 output power supplies.
The system is able to measure the applied loads and distribute the available resources in order of priority, ensuring continuity to the active devices.
APSU is available in two different models:

Full, where the power of the 4 Slots is added and provided on each of the 4 power supplies

Split, where Slots and power supplies are grouped in twos

Slots can host ACDC racks that transform the 220V alternating voltage line into 24V or 48V direct voltage (see model below), or DCDC racks that transform an input direct variable voltage into a direct voltage stabilized to 28 V or 54 V (see model below).

Slot Input voltage Output voltage Max Load
ACDC24 220 V AC 24V DC 150W
ACDC48 220 V AC 48V DC 150W
DCDC24-24 18-36 V DC 28V DC 150W
DCDC24-48 36-75 V DC 28V DC 150W
DCDC48 18-75 V DC 54V DC 150W

The model APSU Full can host slots with equal output voltages (e.g: 2 x ACDC48 + 2 x DCDC48), whereas the model APSU Split can host slots with different output voltages (e.g.: 2 x ACDC48 + 2 x ACDC24).
In the Split version, Slots 1 and 2 can host exclusively 48V racks and Slots 3 and 4 exclusively 24V racks.

APSU set-up examples – Full

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Group 1-2-3-4
ACDC48 ACDC48 ACDC48 ACDC48 48V – 600W
ACDC48 ACDC48 DCDC48 DCDC48 54V – 300W
ACDC24 ACDC24 24V – 300W

APSU set-up examples – Split

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Group 1-2 Group 3-4
ACDC48 ACDC48 ACDC24 ACDC24 48V – 300W[1] 24V – 300W
ACDC48 DCDC48 ACDC24 DCDC24 54V – 150W[2] 28V – 150W2
DCDC48 DCDC24 54V – 150W 28V – 150W

1) If there are 2 equal slots, the available power is twice as much.
2) The higher voltage gets priority. If the input fails on DCDC slot, then the load moves to ACDC slot.

APSU detects in real time the loading parameter applied to each slot and to each output power supply group.

In the event of exceeding the max load limit allowed for each slot or group, the overload protection will activate to interrupt the output voltage distribution for 10 seconds. After this pause, the voltage distribution will start again. During the interruption due to the overload, the led corresponding to the slot or the group flashes red.
In the event the total amount of the loads applied to each power supply group exceeds the limits of the total max load, based on Slot number and type, APSU starts interrupting the voltage distribution in reverse priority order, that is from Group 4 to Group 1, until the total load gets back within the acceptable limits. After 10 seconds’ inactivity, the power supply groups are reinstated.

3) The max load allowed for each power supply is 150W.

Load applied on APSU Full
Groups 3 and 4 are disabled and the total of loads applied can not exceed 300W.

∑ [IS1, IS2, IS3, IS4] ≤ ∑ [OG1, OG2, OG3, OG4]

Loadapplied on APSU Split
Group 2 is disabled and the total of loads applied on Groups 1 and 2 must be less than 150W.
(∑ [IS1, IS2] ≤∑ [OG1, OG2]) & (∑ [IS3, IS4] ≤ ∑ [OG3, OG4])

Electrical specifications

Output Voltage 57 or 24 Volts DC
Max Output Current 16.8 A @ 57V Load Sharing / 33.6A @ 24V Load Sharing
Efficiency 85%
Input Voltage Range ACDC 85 ~ 264 VAC (47 ~ 63Hz) or 120 ~ 373VDC (Withstand 300VAC Surge for 5 seconds)
Input Voltage Range DCDC 18 ~ 36 VDC
Ripple & Noise 200 mV @ 57V / 120 mV @ 24V
Connector Max Output Current 2 A
Output Group Max Current 16.8 A
AC Power Entry C14 with Fuseholder
Withstand Voltage Input - Output : 3.0kVAC (20mA) Input - FG : 1.5kVAC (20mA) Output - FG : 500VAC (100mA) for 1min.
Isolation Resistance More than 100MΩ (500VDC) at 25°C and 70%RH
800 watt Total Power
24/48 volt output
24 PoE devices
CMD remote management
1 ms short circuit protection