Surge Protector Passthrough

Gigabit High Power Surge Protection


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Surge Protector Passthrough is a lead-through surge arrester that can be inserted into a Power over Ethernet line in order to prevent any damage caused by overvoltage.

Electrical specifications

Max Voltage 60 Volts AC/DC
Max Current 1.5 A
Operating protection Bidirectional
Ethernet Connectors Shelded RJ45 Jacks
Spark Over Voltage 90 Volts
Peak Surge Current 20kA @ 8/20us
Peak Impulse Current 2kA @ 10/350us
Minimum Response Time 1.0 ns DC, 5.0 ns AC
Modes of Protection All Lines (1-8) Protected (L-L) and (L-G)
Transmission Speeds 10BaseT; 100BaseT; 1000BaseT
SPD Technology 2 stages: TVS, GDT
SPP surge protector
2 stages tvs-gdt
15 kA peak surge current