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Smart energy systems

GigaSync V2

Check, Synchronize, Simplify

9dot: Smart solutions for new energy systems

We guarantee PROTECTION, ensuring CONTROL with the added benefit of MODULARITY and SYNCHRONIZATION of Cambium Networks.

Easy management

Easy to install and to manage.

Total Control

Energy consumption, short circuit, everything is managed through web interface.


GPS synchronization

(Cambium compliant).


From small video surveillance systems to large infrastructures (of TLC operators).



LiteSync is a passive injector designed to power two devices and provide synchronization.

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GigaSync is a GPS synchronizing system designed to provide a power source to standard Power Over Ethernet devices or directly by bipolar terminals.

It consists of a Base Unit which can host up to three Cartridge expansions. The Base Unit holds the control and main interface systems while Cartridges specify the power ways: Power Over Ethernet or terminals.

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Smart Power Module System is a modular system designed to supply Power Over Ethernet devices.

Each module works independently and ensure the highest level of reliability and security.
Through the assistance of a CMD control unit, it is possible to monitor all power benchmarks related to the connected devices and send control commands to modules.

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Power Supply modules convert and stabilize the input voltage by providing the 24V and 48V necessary to power the connected devices.

The system is able to measure the applied loads and distribute the available resources in order of priority, ensuring continuity to the active devices.