Gigabit PoE Injector With High Power Surge Protection

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Surge Protector Injector V2 is a Power over Ethernet injector with integrated surge protection device.

SPI V2 is a modular system designed to supply Power over Ethernet devices. Each module works independently and ensures the highest level of reliability and security. Through the side selectors you can set the PoE Mode and polarity.


  • 2stages tvs-gdt
  • 15kA peak surge current
  • A/B/A+BPoE modes
  • LAN/PoEgalvanically isolated


Mode Selector

MODE B (4,5 / 7,8)
MODE A (1,2 / 3,6)

Polarity Selector

NORMAL POLARITY: + 4,5 e/o 1,2 | – 7,8 e/o 3,6
INVERSE POLARITY: – 4,5 e/o 1,2 | + 7,8 e/o 3,6

More Power

Up to 3A (145W/48V) typical load of PoE port.


Black Rack Bracket accessory
Clip Barra DIN accessory


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