Security & Video Surveillance


Security and Video Surveillance solutions

Power supply systems to improve the performance of urban security networks.

It's incontestable that power supply is essential to your video security cameras. For ensuring the stability and reliability of your video surveillance system, installers and users should choose a high-quality power supply.

9dot’s ready to help with simple, reliable & scalable power supply solutions designed with Security & Video Surveillance applications in mind.

The key points of our Video Surveillance solutions

Unification of supply components (flexibility, mapping, and high power)

With a single device, you can perform all the functions from management to power supply.

No more messy PoEs in the cabinet

Thanks to the modularity that allows you to detach and attach what you need and thanks to the unification of the power supply components there are less mess because all the products are rack-mountable.

Remote power management for each camera, remote reset in case of blocking

Automatic recovery of remote sites

Thanks to remote management it is possible to reduce the number of direct interventions on the site, saving time, money and maintenance.

Possibility to supply cameras with heaters and PoE motors

Installation flexibility also on DIN bar

The solution can be mounted on a DIN or 2 DIN bar

Active protection

The entire internal network is also protected in the event of system tampering.

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