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Industry 4.0 solutions

The power supply systems for smart management of the sensor field for the Industry 4.0, or the Smart Manufacturing Digital Industry.

The highly efficient solutions of 9dot for power transmission allow energy-saving and operating costs while providing maximum reliability.
The foundation of every project Industry 4.0 is the realization of a converged network to support industrial automation. In this case, the power supply plays a crucial role in ensuring a simple solution, reliable and scalable.

The main aspects of our solutions

Value Added Service

9dot provides tailored solutions and dedicated technical support to help in every stage, from customized power supply design and setup to specialized device training.

Easy migration and upgrade

Upgrading an existing network? 9dot provides simplified solutions that save time and money for the upgrade and migration of network infrastructure.

Modularity (also suitable for small installations)

The 9dot solutions provide the modularity of all the products, namely the ability to add or remove some of the components of the power system depending on the needs of the single Wisp.

Remote sites automatic recovery

Thanks to the remote management it is possible to reduce the amount of the direct interventions on-site, saving in terms of time, money and maintenance.

Equipment remote reset in case of a malfunction

Thanks to the web interface, 9dot technologies can be managed remotely in the event of overload, failure or other forms of malfunction. Accessing remotely allows restoring the PoE platform via an ignition cycle on and off to restart apparatuses that may present problems.

High-reliability Standard

9dot products are designed, engineered and produced entirely in Italy. Each production phase respects the quality certification standards of the chain and exceeds check control.

Integrated power management for all equipment

You can connect to the devices is a PoE standard 48W or 24W depending on the device to supply.

Do you want to ensure the best outcome for your Industry 4.0 project?

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ACDC 24/48

Do you want to ensure the best outcome for your Industry 4.0 project?

Get in touch with 9dot now!

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