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Contact Support

The highly acclaimed 9dot support team is always ready to help you solve any issues or give professional advice. 9dot constantly trained on technical assistance at its distributors with the aim to share knowhow with its distribution network and final clients.

Therefore, for the first technical requests, contact your reference distributor.

For an advanced second and third level analyses in collaboration with the distributor contact 9dot support team at:

RMA Request

RMA requests will be processed by each distributor based on a variety of considerations.

See below few general steps:

  • If a Dealer desires to return a Product(s), the Dealer must first obtain an RMA Number from 9dot and provide several information.
  • All Product(s) must be returned in their original configuration. Any Product(s) received by 9dot with items added will be returned to the Dealer at the Dealer's sole expense and risk.
  • All returns must be made within 90 days of the Dealer's request for an RMA Number.

To submit a request for technical support or RMA assistance please contact

Please see this document for details.


9dot instruction for product under warranty, product(s) out of warranty and Advance Replacements.

Please see this document for details.


Products datasheetuser manuals and changelogs.

Visit the Download page to find all the documentations.

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