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Design and provide the most innovative protection, monitoring and control systems for devices powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE).


To offer qualified and certified design solutions, which allow PoE systems protection and monitoring, for medium and large enterprises in a smart and simplified way.

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We guarantee Protection, ensuring Control with the added benefit of Modularity and Synchronization of Cambium Networks.


Over ten years of operation in the production of telecommunication devices, with special emphasis on the world of wireless .

Up to date

R&D continuous cooperation and strategic arrangement with the University of Pisa.

Made in Italy

We design and produce our own devices in Italy, with the added value of an integrated and well-funded network of suppliers.


High standards of quality: the current market demand, in terms of protection and power supply, is quite high and we, therefore, offer a modular high-quality product.

9dot founder

Francesco Zaccaro

Telecommunications, especially those linked to wireless, are my job, my passion. Designing telecommunication devices increased my stock of knowledge in this area, presenting new challenges and breaking new ground.
Networking also implies teamwork, this is why my career has been all study and field experience, constantly at the forefront in leading highly qualified teams.
Research is a fundamental value to me and so it is laboratory work, which makes it possible for 9dot products to achieve the highest quality standards.
Innovation always implies simplifying, looking beyond the usual. In one word: guessing the future.
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