NCore Lite Panel Kit

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for Solar Panel

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NCore Lite Panel Kit

A new, customized bundle for the growing solar market: NCore Lite + ACDC + DCDC

The kit has been specifically developed to be used in renewable energy projects in the telecommunications Industry, through customization of Hardware and Firmware of NCORE-LITE.

The bundle also comprises a new hardware release of DCDC module and the standard ACDC input module, for battery charge. Solar Panels are not included.


Input power & Connections

Solar panels are directly connected to NCORE-DCDC, with input power 36-75V DC.
Without using MPTT function, NCORE-DCDC leverages the power of solar panels.

Battery Charge

Battery is always online, and this guarantees that charging is always active, even when input power is low.
To charge battery it is mandatory to have NCORE-ACDC.
If NCORE-ACDC shuts down or is removed, the battery is automatically disabled, even though NCORE-DCDC is working.
Once NCORE-ACDC restarts, the battery charge turns active again.

Hardware & Firmware Customization

Firmware release of this model is different from the one that you have in the standard kit.
Make sure to update the right version of Ncore-Lite before installing it.
The use of standard NCORE-DCDC may compromise system integrity and create irreversible damages to the device, only use NCORE-DCDC module included in solar panel kit.



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