Active Modular Energy System

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Do you really need only a new UPS? Probably you deserve something more!

9dot presents NCore: the new energy station of the Active Power Stations family, a completely modular and at the same time compact solution from Rack 19 ″ - 2U.

Its system simultaneously operate in Reactive and Proactive mode ensuring efficiency, protection and reliability.


  • 20Output Ports
  • 2400 WTypical load
  • 1/5/10 ABattery Charger
  • SelectableOutput
  • 2Priority System


Active Power Station

The system simultaneously operate in Reactive and Proactive mode ensuring efficiency, protection and reliability.

Istant online

Not always-online but super-fast switch on battery, preventing auto discharge and maximizing battery life.

Ideal Current Flow

Voltage drop is minimized by the use of extremely low resistance MOSFETs and Ideal Diodes.

Dynamic Charge

The system uses the software selected charge current or switches to a lower current in case devices connected to the NCore need more power.

Priority Loads

Every port has its own priority index, if necessary the system switches off ports with low priority ensuring power on Always-ON devices port. Even the battery has its own priority…

Variable output voltage

On ADJ Out modules, output voltage is software selectable: 29V, 48V or 54V.
12V Out module is also available; 24V Out module is also available.

Reactive mode

Load disconnection maximizing global reliability.

Proactive mode

Load disconnection maximizing autonomy for Always-ON ports.

Battery life simulation

Is it possible to schedule periodical complete discharge/charge battery
cycles in order to precisely calculate remaining battery life, autonomy and battery efficiency.


NCore can accommodate up to 3 AC or DC input modules of 800W each for a total of 2400W, a battery charger module and 5 OUT modules with 4 ports each manageable individually.


Looking for more information? Discover ours docs, like datasheet, quick guide, and much more!

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