Terminal Cartridge with 4 poles Terminal Blocks.

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Cartridge GS-G-TER-CS

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Terminal Cartridge with 4 poles Terminal Blocks and Cambium Sync compliant on the same connectors. High power: 3A per port simultaneously with GigaSync V3.


  • 150 VOvervoltage Protection
  • SyncCambium Sync
  • 2Stages TVS-GDT
  • 3Aper Port Simultaneously


Four-Pole Connector

4 connectors to power, synchronize and protect devices with optical fiber data connection.


Each port is protected against short circuits with automatic recovery, double-phase overvoltage protection (TVS and GDT) and fits every kind of devices, even high-power ones, up to 3A typical load. Also, it has galvanic isolation between LAN/PoE.

High Power

Each port is designed to accommodate a typical load up to 3A simultaneously, the terminal supports up to 1.31 mm diameter cables.

Consumption Monitoring

All parameters are under control allowing you to monitor the status of connected devices and to dimension backup power sources.


Each cartridge has 4 ports of 4 poles Power Terminals that can become PoE injectors with sync using the GigAdapter. The Cartridges can be chosen based on the setup requirements and are hot-swappable.


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