GigaSync V3 New Release!

We are glad to inform you the new GigaSync V3 that replaces the GigaSync V2 with many new features, is available to be ordered NOW!

GigaSync is designed to power every kind of devices by Power over Ethernet standard or directly by bipolar terminal blocks.
The Base Unit can handle up to 3 different cartridges, up to 12 outputs ports.
Main remote control system and management interface are provided by the Base Unit, Cartridges define the power method: Power over Ethernet or Terminal Block.

Power Source can be different in voltage and belongs to many power supplies.

Cartridges PoE CS are able to generate both Cambium synchronization pulse Canopy Sync and Cambium Sync, provided by integrated GPS or external sources.

Here’s a look at GigaSync Version 3 best new features:

• Fast software and firmware update
• Internal storage of every parameter
• Dynamic Web Interface warning and critical event logging
• Internet connection through integrated WiFi

New design
• SW/FW updates without service interruption
• Hot Swap
• Zero input to output voltage drop and self consumption reduction
• Input voltage detection and accurate measurement

New features
• 2 input terminal blocks for each cartridge
• input voltage presence led indicator for each input terminal block
• Cambium uGPS power out on Sync In port
• Embedded controller for remote management
• Redundant voltage input connectors with presence LED indicators for each cartridge. External GPS, Cambium uGPS/cnPulse or even other GigaSync to get the sync pulse
• Protections: Short-circuit, over-voltage (TVS-GDT) and galvanic isolation LAN/PoE • Up to 3A typical per port, up to 12A typical per cartridge

New interface
• The web interface shows voltage, temperature and load instant value and graphs
• Through the command line interface you can read status and send commands to the GigaSync
• Flexible management system integration through SNMP.

All Cartridges, GS-G-POE-CS, GS-G-POE, GS-G-TER and GS-G-TER-CS are fully compatible with the new model.

New GS-G-TER-CS - Terminal Cartridge for GS-B with 4x 4-poles terminal ports, 150W typ per port, is Cambium Sync Compatible.

Due to scarcity of electronic components and volatility of commodities prices, we encourage you to order by December 2021 for avoiding longer deliveries. For any request and quotation please contact

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