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Ethernet Cartridge

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GS G Poe - GigaSync cartridge

Compatible with:

This cartridge has 4 gigabit, galvanic isolated ports and is compatible with every kind of PoE device. Pinout is defined by hardware key. Each port is protected against short circuits with automatic recovery and is suitable with every kind of devices, even high power ones, up to 3A typical load.


  • 15kA Peak Surge Current
  • 2Stages tvs-gdt
  • 90 VSpark over voltage


Manages every kind of PoE

Every single port can be configured to handle a different type of injection map, with or without synchronization pulse, The configuration is simple and does not require any information technology skill: just plug the specific electronic Gigakey and the port is configured.


The Gigasync Base Unit can host up to 3 cartridges. Each cartridge has 4 ports that can be PoE injectors or Power Terminals. The Cartridges can be chosen based on the setup requirements and are hot-swappable.

Easy integration

The Controller Module can be integrated in every management system using SNMP.


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