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Querying, monitoring and remote control

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CMD Controller Module

The powerful Controller that monitors and manages in real time the whole system

The Command can be integrated in every management system using SNMP. It also has an intuitive web interface shows the status of every single module connected (voltage, current and power used by the device) and control the port switching off and on when needed.

Its use is recommended in association with the ASPI product.


  • CMDremote management
  • 8 unitsmanaged


The command module allows to monitor the status of the connected modules and to remotely send control commands with SNMP and through WEB interface (maximum 12 modules).
It is fitted with Ethernet interface, however, during the installation and maintenance process, it is not necessary to connect the computer as the integrated Wi-Fi interface can manage the system directly from smartphone or tablet.

The WEB interface of CMD is specifically designed to encourage its usage through mobile devices.
You can monitor in real time both the applied voltage and loading parameters and send on/off/power cycle commands.
Data interpretation is made even easier by the possibility to rename and comment the connected devices.
A simple caption coloured in red, green or grey allows the prompt identification of the disabled devices and alarms.


Clip Barra DIN accessory
Red Rack Bracket accessory
Bus C accessory


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