New energy system in the water sector


Industry 4.0


The Water Company has hydraulic pumps scattered across the territory, with installed sensors that are all connected to the Internet. The Water Company chose 9dot for power supply controlled and management of sensors.


Water distribution, meter reading, management of water treatment plants and sewer derive large benefits from the integration of IoT network technologies. Thus, it is important to pursue improvement in service quality while providing local communities the benefits of controlled and reliable water as much as possible. In this context, 9dot technology makes company service performance efficient.


In this case, using 9dot ASPI to handle power and maintain, turn on and off the equipment the remote reference is used to protect devices and reduce the need to reset or restart.
They use ASPI not only to manage the power supply of the sensor part and the part of router communication, antenna, but the injectors will also feed video cameras, for video surveillance of the sites.


The 9dot energy system used has allowed the manager to remain connected to their water mains and to continuously monitor the data provided by it. The centralized data allow the Water Company to monitor the system operation, to know every detail of the network and to improve function.

Benefit for the customer:

  • Integrated management
  • Water saving
  • Optimized service
  • Forecast analysis

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