New security system for the touristic port


Security & Video Surveillance


The Touristic port has adopted one of the most avant-garde Italian security systems with 300 cameras and sensors that will monitor 24/7 of the entire port area. To operate the plant with the best technological capabilities and absolute safety, the Port Authority chose the energy system from 9dot for secure power supply and monitoring.
It provided a closed-circuit video surveillance system from which it is possible to check all accesses of the Navy, the compulsory passage points to craft including the port mouth and other important areas. It was also necessary to respect the privacy of moored boats, whose images can only be viewed at the specific and reasoned request of the Public Safety Authorities.


In an environment characterized by power surges where power is not constant, the challenge is to have a power supply that requires a minimum number of interventions on-site and which guarantees protection from electric discharges.


The 9dot solution adopted is mainly ASPI together with the CMD module, whereby each PoE apparatus present on the system, such as a camera, a Subscriber-Unit or Wireless Sensor is powered, is protected and controlled by an ASPI module.
Moreover, each dislocated site in the port has been connected to one or more CMD to remotely control the entire site from a single star point.


Thanks to the injectors, there have been fewer failures of apparatuses due to power surges. In addition, the remote control has allowed the Port Authority to significantly reduce all interventions on individual sites helping optimize the work of the port team.

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