9Dot Signed a Partnership with Wifidom

9Dot signed an important distribution agreement with Wifidom, a highly successful Spanish value-added distributor of wireless technology and intelligent network solutions.

9Dot is a company producing power injector and power supply systems remotely manageable that can guarantee protection and high level of control of PoE systems, from small to large infrastructures (video surveillance, telecommunication, smart cities).

9Dot Signed a Partnership with Wifidom

Wifidom is a company operating mainly in Iberia area (Spain, Portugal, Andorra), offering solutions that range from indoor and outdoor wifi, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, WiMax, Mesh, optical links and licensed bandwidth links, as well as a wide range of network optimization solutions. The company is a Master Distributor of Cambium Networks solutions that can be synchronized with 9Dot devices (Cambium Sync, Canopy Sync Certified).

The Iberian market, including Spain, is experiencing massive growth in the Wisp and Isp industries over the last years: in this direction, 9Dot is planning a number of activities in order to create and consolidate its customer portfolio.

A  well-known WISP operator from the region that has recently tested 9Dot solutions demonstrating a huge level of satisfaction, proof of how 9Dot devices are positioned to triumph in the Spanish market.

“This partnership represents a great opportunity for our company to expand its business in this dynamic market, – as 9Dot CEOFrancesco Zaccaro said- we are glad for this partnership and we are planning to achieve other major results like this partnership in the Iberian area.”

“We are excited about offering our customers new, innovative solutions with 9Dot,” stated Wifidom CEO, José María Martínez Ruiz, “This will offer them a valuable new portfolio for ensuring that their networks stay up and running.”9Dot will be at the upcoming “Acutel Technological Fair”, the main industry tradeshow focused on WISP and ISP operators, 22-23 November in Granada, Spain (http://acutel.es/feria-tecnologica-2017/).

For more info contact: marketing@9dot.it
For further details visit www.wifidom.com, and the online store at www.storewifidom.com.

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