GigaSync: the 9Dot main solution

9Dot just releases the new video showing the GigaSync features and employment.

The main solution of the company is designed to provide power to any device, under difficult condition, preventing risks or electrical system malfunction (breakdown).The GigaSync is a modular system. According to requirements, up to 3 cartridges with 4 PoE or terminal ports each can be added to the Base Unit.Through a web interface and SNMP it’s possible to manage remotely the devices connected to the GigaSync, monitoring energy consumption, checking and preventing electrical damages.The key feature of the GigaSync is the Cambium Synchronization, both Canopy Sync and Cambium Sync are available for each PoE port.Easy to install, to extend and also to manage, the GigaSync solution is the value added for the PoE equipments.

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