GigaSync V2 Starter Kit PROMO

GigaSync system is made of a Base Unit, that can be equipped with up to 3 expansion Cartridges to feature totally 12 power ports. The Base Unit contains the control system and the main interface.

The cartridges define the power supply method. There are 3 type of Cartridges, each features 4 ports: 

  • POE provides power through PoE
  • TERMINAL provides power through bipolar contacts
  • POE CS provides power through PoE and also the Sync pulse for Cambium systems (Canopy Sync and Cambium Sync)
  • An interesting promo has been designed for all the new WiSPs that want to discover all the advantages that GigaSync can offer to their business.
GigaSync v2 starter kit promo

This Starter Kit Promo is valid only with the first order for new customer.

What GigaSync starter kit includes

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