WEBINAR 9dot Smart Solution: a focus on Rise Broadband company experience

Limited space in your rack cabinet?

Are you too tired of wasting time with devices that do not meet your needs?

Check out this interesting testimony given by one of the panelist of our Webinar and component of Rise Broadband Team!

When I started with Rise Broadband 3 years ago I remember visiting one of our sites for the first time. I was surprised to see a whole rack of individual power supplies each connected to a specific device. I thought to myself “there has to be a better way to do this!” Unfortunately, this set up is all too common throughout our company.
Dialing in on Cambium devices specifically, there is little in the way of a unified power system for all products.
CMM5 1-5 all have specific uses and can only support 1 voltage. The CMM also does not support 820s or power emerging equipment like the 3.65GHz 450M which requires direct DC power.
The GigaSync is the perfect solution for both of these problems. Individual power supplies and CMM5 can be replaced with a single GigaSync which can support all required devices. Even equipment like the 3.65Ghz 450M is compatible using the terminal block cartridge.

The 9dot GigaSync has been used to dramatically reduce cabinet space requirements in deployments that support a variety of POE devices. With legacy power equipment many devices require their own individual power supplies. Other legacy power equipment only supports a specific vendor. This is not sustainable from a power, space, and management perspective. The Gigasync solves this problem by offering a single POE injector solution for all kinds of devices. Since the Gigasync is extremely flexible and modular by nature we have found it can be used to support both small and large deployments with ease.

In a specific example, the GigaSync allowed us to avoid a costly cabinet upgrade by reducing the rack space requirements of the site significantly. This reduced overall capital spending, avoided a lengthy night cutover to a new cabinet, and allowed us to harvest legacy equipment. The gigasync has also simplified management by combining remote power management into a single device. Previously we had to look to 3 or more different pieces of power equipment to manage all POE devices at a site. Overall this results in a more streamlined power system with less points of failure.

Overall we are very excited about 9dot and GigaSync and looking forward to deploying more if it in our network!



  • 9dot - Alessandro Campanella & Riccardo Montanri
  • Rise Broadband -  Brandon Chappell & Evan Stoelzel
  • Winncom Technologies - Ken Vasilyev & Ziad Antoun  


For those who could not attend the Event, the video is now available on Youtube

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