A case study between 9dot and Opiquad: digital quality and innovative solutions


Telecommunications (WISP)



Opiquad was looking for a product that could improve its infrastructures, with ports exceeding 100MB, which would replace the obsolete previous ones and allow to save time during interventions. A fundamental aspect was also the need to be able to remotely control the smaller repeaters.

The choice of 9dot products made it possible to meet certain needs: 9dot products were installed on the main repeaters, which manage about 80% of customers on the Wi-Fi network.


The customer's main challenge was to replace existing and obsolete infrastructures, for which maintenance required too much time due to the lack of remote control. Furthermore, the previous devices had 100MB ports and thanks to 9dot devices 1000MB ports have been inserted.


Opiquad has chosen to install GigaSync for its own installations and also for the expansion of the internal network, and the SPMS product family on smaller repeaters.

Both have been mounted on the radio links to power the devices that allow to provide connectivity to its customers


Thanks to the 9dot solutions that are able to support a high power range, Opiquad has easily replaced the previous devices.

In addition, the customer has achieved the important result of being able to control the power supply remotely, being able to switch off and on the equipment and control the voltage. Furthermore, the fact of being able to carry out operations remotely has allowed to obtain greater control of one's infrastructure and to save time on interventions.

The devices were found to be reliable thanks to their ability to absorb the voltage fluctuations that often occur on different installations, thus avoiding burning the devices.

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