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Rise Broadband, the nation’s largest fixed wireless broadband provider, has been named “Telecom Service Provider of the Year” at the Fierce Innovation Awards, has been recognized for its innovation and acumen in closing the information gap by providing high-speed internet and digital phone service in rural and suburban areas, often under-served by traditional wireline and cable carriers.

Rise Broadband highlights two key trends in the wireless industry: the growing interest around fixed wireless technology and the potential for wireless to cross the digital divide and connect the unconnected.

Rise Broadband provides service throughout rural and suburban sections of the Midwest, Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions of the country:

•Colorado      •Idaho              •Illinois
•Indiana         •Iowa               •Kansas
•Minnesota    •Mossouri       •Nebraska
•Nevada          •Oklahoma     •South Dakota
•Texas             •Utah               •Wisconsin


Company Philosophy: Rise Broadband is dedicated to providing reliable high-speed Internet and phone service which enable customers to connect with the people and things they value most. In doing so, Rise helps close the digital divide by offering rural and suburban homes and businesses a competitive choice for quality, affordable service.


The customer was looking for a solution to reduce the rack space and to put order in the requirements of the site. With legacy power equipment many devices required their own individual power supplies. Other legacy power equipment supports only a specific vendor. This was not sustainable from a power, space, and management perspective.
Moreover power emerging equipment requires direct DC power and many devices did not support that.

3 years ago I remember visiting one of our sites for the first time. I was surprised to see a whole rack of individual power supplies each connected to a specific device. I thought to myself “there has to be a better way to do this!” Unfortunately, this set up is all too common throughout our company. Dialing in on Cambium devices specifically, there is little in the way of a unified power system for all products.

Evan Stoelzel
Team Manager Risebroadband


A modular products combination of GigaSync + NCore + NCore-Lite, to select 12 or 29 or other kind of voltage and obtain a more streamlined power system with less points of failure.


GigaSync allowed customer to avoid a costly cabinet upgrade by reducing the rack space requirements of the site significantly. This reduced overall capital spending, avoided a lengthy night cutover to a new cabinet, and allowed to harvest legacy equipment.

The GigaSync has been the perfect solution for both of these problems:

1.Individual power supplies and CMMs can be replaced with a single GigaSync that offers a single POE injector solution for all kinds of devices.
2.GigaSync is extremely flexible and modular by nature and can be used to support both small and large deployments with ease.

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