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Aristotle Unified Communications (AUC) is a provider of broadband Internet services and Voice-over-IP phone systems. Founded in 1995 with headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas, AUC currently serves the Central Arkansas area, including the Little Rock metropolitan area, and nine rural counties in the Arkansas Delta. AUC is committed to providing broadband to rural communities and unserved and underserved urban neighborhoods.

Maintaining a start-up mentality throughout the years, they have thrived by continually innovating and adapting.
In addition to high-speed internet and digital voice services, AUC provides website and email hosting and filtering services.
Aristotle Design provides award-winning digital design and marketing solutions.
Aristotle Labs crafts web app experiences centered on user engagement and Internet of Things solutions.


On 28th August 2018, Aristotle Unified Communications won an award of $12.2 million to enable deployment of broadband into historically unserved rural areas.
So announced that it will implement efforts to provide affordable wireless broadband access in Arkansas and quickly close the digital divide.
The challenge was people who are underserved need connectivity quickly and not in ten years, five years, or even three years.
Innovative broadband service provider Aristotle connects nine hard-to-reach counties in eight months using Cambium Networks’ fixed wireless broadband solutions.


9dot supported the project with GigaSync to enable remote management of connected equipment and protection of PoE systems. Our GigaSync can reach up to 150W for each port and it was able to power and synchronize several Cn Medusa (PMP 450m, 3GHz version) on the same facility that consumes tipically 140W, powering also the PTP820C High Power, whose consumption can reach 135W.


Innovative broadband provider Aristotle connects nine hard-to-reach counties in eight months using fixed wireless broadband solutions from Cambium Networks and 9dot's equipment protection and management products.
Aristotle deliver up to 100 Mbps wireless broadband internet access to several underserved regions in Arkansas at a fraction of the time of laying fiber. The project is been critical to improving the state’s bottom-10 ranking in internet connectivity.

The benefits to WISP of installing 9dot innovative solutions for the management and protection of Power over Ethernet systems are still there:

-The modularity of all products, suitable for even small installations. That is the possibility to add or remove some components of the power system according to the needs of the single Wisp.
-To high power several devices at the same time with different PoE requirements
-Reducing the number of direct interventions on the site, saving time, money and maintenance, thanks to the remote control of the devices that allows to protect and manage from the office any power surges and avoid inefficiencies to the line.
In conclusion, 9dot solutions reduce the number of installations and maintenance costs.

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