A Technological partnership with EOLO: «Internet where others don’t arrive»


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It is no surprise that EOLO, one of the biggest Fixed Wireless Operators in Europe, chose GigaSync not only to replace the old injection system existing sites but also in its future expansions.
The aim is to increase efficiency throughout the network of towers thanks to a single solution in the field of PoE injection and synchronization.
This allows the NOC and the field staff to optimize the management and maintenance of each site with the ultimate goal of reducing the cost of ownership.


We were contacted by Eolo after they had been unable to find a controlled PoE injection system in the existing market suited to their needs. They challenged us to make a new one from the ground up.
Once understood the need of the customer, 9dot proposed an, even more, advanced and comprehensive product, with many more features than initially requested, rather than a simple injector that would replicate the sync.



Once we understood that there was a need for this innovative product, we offered not only an injector with sync but a comprehensive device with an integrated management system. The management system provides the ability to extract information, telemetry and automation for the product which required the injection and synchronization and for all the products present within the site. It is compatible with Cambium Medusa and Microwave WLL, both wired and wireless devices.
The Fixed Wireless Operator welcomed the solution with enthusiasm and has now purchased more than 2,000 units.


The most important result is that EOLO has a single device for all site devices. The advantage is that at the moment in which changes are needed, the 9dot solution, being a universal supply system, would only require minor changes to have the system ready and tailored on customer needs. The main benefits are:

  • Reliability
  • Streamlining logistics and warehousing, adopting a single product adaptable to multiple projects.
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs.

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