Smart traffic lights power transmission


One of the largest System Integrator adopted national power systems 9dot to implement the IoT sensor network, linked to different solutions within the city, the spread of systems capable of telemonitoring and tele-management enabled a reduction in operating costs, in terms of optimization of energy expenditure, through real-time analysis of environmental data and consumption.


The sensors of the power supply must be always active to allow the acquisition of the data. If the refrigerator at home is not a problem, it might not be so elementary for the sensor to a system installed in the urban area. The energy design of the device becomes important to optimize its functionality, its duration and the need for maintenance.


We have selected the use of CMD and ASPI for supplying license plate reading cameras which run on a Lorawan sensor network for environmental monitoring in urban areas, acquiring data detected by environmental sensors and readings of counters.


9dot has met the specific business needs of system integrators with the implementation of a project that optimizes the available resources and the adoption of more powerful and easier to use technology.

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